Through its websites and RÓNDINE helps the applicants to have an easy access to the different searches via the internet.

This enables us to have our own important database, which together with our deep knowledge of the labor industry and a vast expertise, helps us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers offering the best candidates in the shortest time.

In order to help our cooperators and partners to best interpret your needs, we are organized in the following special areas:

. Executives and Managerial Positions Department
. Intermediate Positions and Professionals Department
. Administrative Staff Department

Through the organization atmosphere analysis, the professionals can perceive and identify the factors that are important to the members of the organization at a given time, and from there, take the appropriate steps towards consistent improvements.
This has been developed as a Guide and Support Program for professional change and the associated consultants use a methodology which helps the participant to control his/her career. The relevant service, information, support, tools and resources are provided for this purpose, developing the Program in an individual manner and receiving the permanent coaching from the associated  consultant.

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